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This workshop was in the autumn, so besides the image of a heart (also appearing on the workshop flyer), I wanted to evoke the autumnal atmosphere with fallen leaves. On the two sides of the painted heart, I created paintings of emotions after the drawings of a dear friend and colleague, Dóra Matyus.


Silvija Tomcik, Budapest, 2019.

How many dances does it take to look into the fears hidden under the bed, locked in our bones? To find strength in being aware of our vulnerability? To let out a scream, to repair broken boundaries, to say a clear NO to whatever is wrong and violent, and to forgive ourselves and others? To enter the inner chamber of your heart where sadness lives, sit on its soft couch, and feel it? To expand our capacity to tolerate the feeling of simplicity, lightness, beauty, and light? To celebrate the moments of joy that uplift us and open us? To explore our heart and soul as they grow through our generosity? As we go through our emotions with more awareness, we can see how they connect us with others who are also going through them in the same or completely different time, place, and way.

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