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When we set off on the path of movement meditation, memories and emotions stored in our bodies start to melt and come up: we meet parts of ourselves that are unknown, emotions that we didn’t know we had in us. When this happens, one (or more) somatic coaching sessions might be helpful to support the process with an individual focus that’s not possible in movement classes. You can also benefit from an individual session when you go through a difficult period and need support to connect back to the wisdom of your body, to find ways to move with the situation , or to get inspiration on how to
work with the topic in your home practice.

„…The body is like an earth. It is a land unto itself. There is no ‘supposed to be’ in bodies. But the wild issue is, does this body feel, does it have the right connection to pleasure, to heart, to soul, to the wild? Does it have happiness, joy? Can it in its own way move, dance, jiggle, sway, thrust? Nothing else matters.”

(Clarissa Pinkola Estés)

Kata-13-Luna Buerger Photography-5549-K

I go to Kata’s classes to find my answers, and to recharge. I’ve been dancing alone for years but the warmth and inclusiveness with which Kata holds space creates an environment where I can be myself even more than at home, alone. I admit, sometimes I dance at home imagining I’m in the room.

Bernadett Nagy, mother of four kids, movement facilitator

Mum, look. I like dancing with Kata. Remember this and respect this. There I can stand up, sit down, go out. I have enough space. Kata-dance is good for me. I think dance and gymnastics are good friends. You can do both every day.

Árnika, 4 years old

For me, Kata is a Wolf Woman. Her powerful presence and vulnerability as a facilitator are very special. Courageous and f*cking strong, sensitive, and loving, she invites you to come along with her.

Luna Bürger, movement teacher, photographer

I like going to Kata’s classes because she’s authentic. She shows up with equal parts of liberation and vulnerability. Her subtle presence weaves into the room, creating a safe space where I can also experience liberation even if I went to the class feeling tired or sad.

Zsolt Kramer, Scrum Master

Kata’s movement medicine encourages me to move more from a real place – not just an easy “tralala” dance. Like: “Give me more of Your shadows, baby. I can handle it.” It is challenging and safe at the same time. I can sense a deep love for people emanating from her.

Barbora Jirsová, teacher, mother

She helps me, without choreography, to experience the world with more aliveness.

Dora Matyus, Visual Artist

When I’m practicing with Kata, I’m experiencing an encounter with the beautiful medicine of Water Energy: a delightful mix of smooth sensuality, joyful creativity, deep strength, and safe release.

Alexandra Kort, movement facilitator, yoga instructor, performer

It’s so good for children to experience that they don’t need to move “well”, that adults also stumble and search for themselves, and that it’s ok to try. Or to see Mum jumping around with total freedom. Or that it’s ok to say no to an invitation.

Evelin Nyerges, mother, kindergarten teacher

I like her honesty and humility, facilitating in a way that gives me freedom without pushing. I can show up exactly as I am with whatever’s going on for me, in safety.

Rita Dohány, squash coach, integral counselor in training

Kata’s sessions are beautiful, well-crafted journeys to the heart. Her sensitivity and empathy make me feel safe and seen and I can let go completely.

Sandro Monteiro, artist

Dancing Movement Medicine is a wonderful opportunity that brings me closer to my natural being. Kata fills the space with humility, acceptance, playfulness, and authenticity.  

Nagyné Drapkó Mónika, mother of four, yoga teacher

It’s wonderful to know that you can have experiences with your kids that you thought you couldn’t have; that they can see their Mum in a different environment, embodying a different quality; that there’s joy, play, and connection; that kids feel safe even in a new environment.

Aliz Sáreczky-Urbán, artist, mother

If you want to dance! — in a safe, artistically created space filled to the brim with passion for moving our body, together, with the support of a magical variety of music chosen to get your feet exploring, and led by a woman who knows all colours of life — come to Kata’s dance class!!

Maria-Carin Gala, chef, DJ

In Kata’s sessions, I feel super safe, taken care of, and invited to just be. Be free and express myself. She’s offering so many ways that enable me to come out of my shell.

Carolin Thomas, language teacher, dance therapist

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