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Free movement is the shortest way to freedom and connection to myself and the world.
The most natural pathway to presence.

It’s been supporting me for many years to be more and more myself. It taught me to get to know and express my yes-es and no-s; it taught me to connect and to draw boundaries; to make instinctive decisions; to move with emotions: to connect to my softness, my strength, my joy, my anger, my fears and my longings.

It’s been helping me to feel day by day that I’m not an isolated little atom but part of something bigger and so to live my life courageously: with less attachment and more trust, with less anxiety and more spontaneity.

This is why I teach. To hand on what dance has been bringing into my life. My teaching is rooted in my practice: both at home, by myself, and in groups, together with others.

The Dance and Me
weird and alien

weird and alien I was cut off from my body: I remember my sister trying to teach me in front of the mirror how to move my hips and bend my knees while
I was feeling lame and weird
– so I pretty quickly stopped trying…

starting to feel my body

…then with spiritual groups dance found its way to sneak into my life anyway. At the age of 18-19, I went to retreats unaware where we danced besides working in dyads all day long. There I experienced for the first time how liberating dance can be. There I realized how much suppressed emotional energy resides in my body and also that I can release it with movement. At the age of 20 I dropped the medications I had taken for anxious depression after a dance session like this

Kata-5-Luna Buerger Photography-5417

From 2005 I regularly went to another town, Baja for trance dance. I found endless freedom there, and also the desire to live the same in my life as in the dance: to be myself so freely and so unapologetically.


Then in 2015, I arrived at the dance community of Budapest.Thanks to regular weekly 5rhythms classes and longer workshops (and individual therapy), the freedom that I had previously experienced only in dance eventually found its way to my life, too; my life radically changed as I changed and got closer to being who I am.


Then I got to know Movement Medicine which was a special combination for me: the fusion of free dance, shamanic wisdom, trauma awareness, and the discoveries of neuro-science. Having experienced the transformation that this practice brought to my life, I decided to do the Movement Medicine Professional Training, which I finished in 2022.

Besides Movement Medicine professionals I also learn from teachers of other practices, like Adam Barley (ZeroOne) and Emma Roberts (Shaping the Invisible).

Teachers whom I learnt most from:

Ya’acov Darling Khan, Susannah Darling Khan, Adam Barley, Silvija Tomcik, Rosie Perks, Emma Roberts, Yasia Leiserach, Péter Fejér (whose regular classes I attended in Budapest), and Mária Brenner (whose trance dances started everything).


What I can offer when holding spaces comes partly from my studies and partly from my life experience:

  • I worked as a ticket collector at a theatre, I sold photographs on the street, I worked at buffets and tennis courts, I was a volunteer in Italy, I ran creative workshops for kids at the Hungarian National Gallery, I delivered Visual Facilitation training in English and Hungarian for companies and high school students

  • I studied Literature and English at a university then I studied traditional graphic arts at the Academy of Fine Arts 

  • I got married, gave birth to two kids (and nursed and carried them for years) then got divorced peacefully

  • I started working in a new area as a graphic facilitator 

  • I founded my own company in 2013 (, where I’ve been working since then

  • I built up a team, then reeled it back

  • I travelled a lot from HongKong to California, because of work and because of dance, too

  • I tried loads of self-healing practices: dance therapy, yoga, psychodrama, family constellations, individual therapy, gestalt therapy, somatic voicework, etc.

and I’m in continuous dynamic balancing along many axes: work and rest, family and self-realization, practical to-dos and spiritual heights (and lows), money making and passion, drawing and dancing, me-time and socializing…

Now, that my sons are teenagers and need less time from me, I also got to the point where I can give more space to what makes me most alive: not only dance but hold space to others and share something of what changed my life.

Things I studied at universities, courses:

Hungarian and English Literature (ELTE, Eötvös Collegium)

Graphic Arts, Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts

Coaching (Grow Group)

Embodied Listening (Susannah Darling Khan)

Movement Medicine Professional Training

and many smaller courses

Kata-4-Luna Buerger Photography-5394
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