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"The purpose of art is not the release of a momentary ejection of adrenalin but is, rather, the gradual, lifelong construction of a state of wonder and serenity."
(Glenn Gould)


Leaving marks on paper: this has been the most natural form of self-expression for me for as long as I can remember. A form of play that holds space for creativity and self-reflection, or even self-healing.When I held creative workshops for kids for a few years, I was surprised to see how these children already experienced suppressed emotions and self-limiting stories such as ‘I’m not talented enough” – and how these already threatened to block their creativity.

So when I started to teach movement, it was natural for me to put a big piece of paper on the wall. In that open state that we experience when dancing, we have an opportunity to express ourselves also with lines, colours, and shapes., Without dealing with the product, without wanting to create something beautiful, we just immerse ourselves in the process of creation, we let our movements leave marks on the paper. Because drawing is good! And because we meet in these shared artworks just as our movements meet in the space.


I’ve been creating installations for movement workshops for years. My inquiry is always around creating inspiring artwork, which supports the topic of the workshop but doesn’t narrow down our possible experience. I also create graphics and visual notes for the online courses of my Movement Medicine teachers. Making these deepens my own knowledge of these maps as well as helping participants understand the concepts and integrate the sessions.

Kata’s visual arts add a vibrant curious creativity to a space, always exquisitely designed to suit the purpose of an event. Added to that, she is a great team player, easy to work with.

Adam Barley, Movement Teacher, Founder of ZeroOne

We love Kata’s skill in creating clear, humorous, kind, and inspiring visuals which illustrate what we’re trying to communicate so precisely.

Ya’acov and Susannah Darling Khan, Founders of Movement Medicine

Kata’s art is somehow always new and at the same time she has her own unique style that is easy to recognize. For me, she has a way to both expand in the way she works with the theme of my workshop and be very direct. I love working with Kata again and again, and the beauty she creates really transforms any space into a sacred space. Her artistry is heart-touching and inspiring.

Silvija Tomcik, 5Rhythms Teacher

Her art installation is on point! Simple, deep, and profound. You don’t have to ask yourself what she means by it, she takes you on a journey first second, opening a portal of magic and inviting you to join her.

Martina Motl, 5Rhythms Teacher, Art Historian

Each time I face Kata’s art, I feel it ignites, moves, and inspires my dance. As if it is my own soul put into art.

Adi Argov, 5Rhythms Teacher, Therapist

Kata’s art resonates with me on a deep level. I love that she captures the essence of various themes and subjects and expresses it with so much simplicity, clarity, and striking beauty.

Irene Seewald, Conscious Dance Workshop Producer


(by clicking on the images you’ll find a description of the workshop and further photos of the installation)

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