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One Tribe

Péter Fejér, Verőce, 2017.

A residential workshop for the dance tribe in Hungary, happening every summer for more than ten years by the Danube. We share our past and future, living on one planet. We depend on each other more and more, so growing our sense of community is becoming more important. And what’s true for our individual development is also true for the development of communities: if we want lasting change, we have to find joy in it. This is what One Tribe workshops bring us each year: the joy of being part of a community.

This installation’s core elements are the circle and nature. Just as many individuals form one community, the figures of the painting are created by many small dots. In 2017, a circle was made of colourful stones on the workshop flyer, so I tried to re-create this circle from different coloured stones and beads. The location of this workshop is close to the river and the hills, so it’s also about our connection to nature. This is why I used earth colours and natural materials. The figures in the painting are inspired by dancers who have been part of the Budapest 5rhythms community for many years. This image was also on the T-shirt of the workshop that year.

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