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After brainstorming with Emma, I prepared an interactive installation for this workshop: I created line paintings of women in different positions and movements on the walls. Participants drew inside these figures their dreams and the qualities that they wished to strengthen in their lives. Soil was also part of the installation, on the first day together with an animal’s vertebra, reminding us of the ground of our being from which our life grows. Later, we also brought in tiny plants with the soil from the nearby forest. At the beginning of the workshop, the central image was a woman with texts, paints, and grid patterns on her body, paralyzed by imprints and internalized beliefs. Later, she found her place on the sides and was replaced in the middle by a joyful figure in an open position, filled with beauty by the participants.

She Flowers

Emma Roberts, Piliscsév, 2022.

“To fall in love with the ground of who we truly are.” What if you were told that your body is the most HOLY ground in which your life arises?That your form is sacred and your spirit sovereign. Then what kind of woman would you be? This is a courageous question to explore because most women have been shaped by ideas and experiences that separate us from our self-worth. These ideas, over time, become internalized as core beliefs and wounding, which we then play out within our relationships. To love ourselves back into wholeness, reclaiming our form as precious and sacred is the healing that can transform our world.

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