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Libido Alapok

Cathy Ryan, Budapest, 2019.

Libido Fundamentals begins to address the movement and cycle of sexual energy within the broader definition of Libido as a life force, the birthplace of creativity, vitality, presence and aliveness. As our hearts and bodies awaken through the movement meditation practice, our sexual energy also begins to stir. Our generative sexual energy – our Libido – is an essential part of our body’s natural expression. Libido Fundamentals begins this complex and creative investigation by introducing the basics of using movement meditation as a means to ground and explore the physical language of our sexual energy.

Evoking the natural flow and undeniable power of sexual energy, my aim here was to create something instinctive, so I took a huge fabric and a big brush and painted a reddish whirl (which can’t be seen well in the photos). There was a day during the workshop when the feminine and masculine qualities also appeared in circular and long shapes: I put semi-precious stones, papers and candles of these shapes in the installation.

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