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Tuning into the topic of the workshop and Adam’s being, it was clear that I’d create an installation with calligraphic brushstrokes evoking a zen atmosphere. I wanted to use colours and have tones in the brushstroke, so I used a special gum paint with which I painted the surface that I didn’t want to absorb watercolour. This way, I could create the brushstrokes with aquarelle and whirling colours inside. The subtle qualities of presence made me choose a greenish-blueish colour scheme, but I used strong and vibrant tones to evoke the strength of presence. I aimed to create also the reverse of this painting: white brushstrokes with flowing colours around, but I didn’t like the outcome… so I cut that painting into square-shaped pieces and created small cards of gestures from it, sticking a torn piece of paper on each card. On the second day, these were hung next to the big painting and other places in the room. Then, during the workshop, after a movement enquiry, Adam invited people to choose a card and write something on it (he had a precise invitation), and we hung up someone else’s cards back in the space. Naturally, participants could take their cards with them after the workshop.


Adam Barley, Graz, 2023.

When we are facing unknown futures on every level, when we’re scared, angry or hurting — that’s when we need steady ground within us.
That’s when we need an instinct for the truth to find our way in the dark.
That’s when we need each other to celebrate and count our blessings.
That’s when we need strong practice to turn obstacles into opportunities.
Able to stay centred, feet on the earth, open-handed, with clear-seeing eyes.
Able to do what we know deep down is right, even if it’s hard, in service to life and love.
Let’s do it: Dance. Be still. Speak the truth. Evolve. Now is the moment of presence.

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