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Let it be

Silvija Tomcik, Budapest, 2018

“We have to let our emotions surface, get to know and appropriate them, have them flowing in our life so that we fear what really threatens us, get angry at what invades our integrity, cry when we get hurt, smile when it all goes right, and care about the real needs of others.”


(Gabrielle Roth)

In the same way, our bodies are moving; our emotions are moving. In this workshop, we opened up to the movement of our emotions. We moved through the teachings of our hearts – how fear protects us, anger defends us, sadness releases us, joy uplifts us, and compassion unites us.

When creating the installation, I saw the emotions as weathers of the heart: frothy clouds, thunderstorms, rain, sunshine, and clear sky. I worked with charcoal and crayons on long stripes of semi-transparent paper. There was also a space for opportunities: I put an empty frame onto a big white paper, evoking all the other shades of emotional weather that weren’t drawn already. Silvija brought the little cup with the words Let it be on it from Croatia

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