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Silvija Tomcik, Vienna, 2017.

This workshop was about Chaos, the rhythm of absolute surrender and a deep letting go. We disappear in the dance, but first, our ego needs to get out of the way. The dance happens without us controlling it. We release and shake everything that we hold on to, everything that burdens us and celebrate the no-mind state. Moving through all the layers of who we think we are and what we think is important – being called by the centre of all. Chaos is the marriage of the masculine and feminine. The surrendering of the lovers. Here, we practice being awake, centred in the midst of a storm and things falling apart. We give ourselves to the wildness of a dance that can never be planned or repeated.

This installation was inspired by Silvija’s dance full of surrender and letting go: I painted the figures partly on each other to evoke the movement’s liquid flow. I tie-dyed the fabric before painting on it, bringing an element of chaos’ unpredictability into the process of creation. Body parts painted on white stones and light white feathers accompanied the painting to remind us of the release of all our pieces, all our cells. The emotion connected to Chaos on the 5rhythms map is sadness, hence the simple, gray-black-white colour palette.

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