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Body, Heart, Mind, Soul and Spirit

Silvija Tomcik, Budapest, 2021

In this workshop, we explored how each of these 5Rhythms is connected to these five different parts of us: Body, Heart, Mind, Soul and Spirit. This was an invitation to an intimate investigation of how Flowing unlocks the body, how Staccato opens up the heart, how Chaos liberates the mind, how Lyrical opens the door of the soul and how Stillness inaugurates the spirit.

The installation built up gradually: as we went through the five rhythms during the five sessions of the workshop, the relevant paintings appeared one by one. We were in a big space, so I created simple images that carried the qualities of the rhythms. The objects in front of the images were there to evoke the elements connected to each of the rhythms: soil for Earth, red roses for Fire, a bowl of water (with tiny stones in it) for Water, feathers for Air and a silvery plate for Ether.

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