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The Power of Intention

Adam Barley, Yspertal, 2018.

A highly focussed movement-based workshop designed to bring dreams to earth and empower choices ahead that impact yourself and your people in service to our world. Movement is incredibly effective for plugging us into the real thing, unearthing what we didn’t know we had, and releasing what we no longer need. Let’s take the time to listen into the depth of our dreaming, get clear about what we long for, and give everything to the wild moment of power: Now.

The enso circle carries the quality of making the invisible visible, bringing our dreams to Earth, and creating intention (and eventually action) from them. I made two of them: one black on a white background and the other white on a black background. These two faced each other in the space, symbolizing the visible and invisible dialogue. Besides these, I created a painting of a woman drawing her bow and a small pencil drawing (after work by Peter Gemes) of a man sitting and holding a bow like a harp. To me, they symbolize the yin and yang qualities of intention and creation, both present in all of us. As this was a workshop about empowerment, it was natural to use the power of the contrast of black and white.

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