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Silvija Tomcik, Budapest, 2022.

There is a part of our mind that is wired and conditioned to seek permission. As we grow up, we seek permission from the outside, and in our maturity, it comes the time to start giving ourselves that permission from the inside. Permission to be ourselves. Permission to move. Permission to feel. Permission to breathe so we can co-create with great mystery our own life experiences, and so there is less space for blame and excuses. Giving yourself permission to fully experience whatever state you may be in is one of the most cathartic, purifying things you can do.

This installation also built up gradually, with images connected to the rhythms of the 5rhythms practice. The map of the 5rhythms inspired the exploration of the topic of Permission: the body and the emotion of fear connected with Flowing; the heart and the emotion of anger with Staccato; the mind and sadness with Chaos; the soul and joy with Lyrical; the spirit and spacious emptiness with Stillness. The text on the pillow is one of Silvija’s poems from her book, Waves: Voice and Vision.

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