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When we are full of difficult feelings, we should not forget to look for and notice the small miracles.

Beauty nourishes and sustains me: it helps me feel pain and love at the same time. To feel the warmth of the sun on my face even if my heart broken just a few minutes before.

In the morning I went out to run and dance – taking advantage of the fact that I am now in the countryside, close to nature. Rising mist, the sun shining on the lake, a running deer, all kinds of waterfowl, and the wide, blue sky – the gifts of the morning. And why am I putting all this out there? Just a reminder.

Dancing is not always fun and laughter - neither is life. But dance certainly helps to feel and experience the fullness of life. The dark and the bright.

No, you can’t choose just one. They are in one package. We either feel everything or nothing.

I say, then it’s better to have everything.


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