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No magic - simple human connections, gestures, helping hands, hugs, connecting gazes.

And at the same time, it might be, well, it’s a lot: as much as possible.

According to Esther Perel,

the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives.

This is also a great gift of dance. We experience so many things together in the dance spaces, we are in so many different emotional states next to each other that deep human connections are almost inevitably woven.

I was so looking forward to yesterday’s dance. Then when I arrived in the room, I suddenly felt very vulnerable. My usual helpers couldn’t come, suddenly the room seemed big, everything unpredictable – and me small and fragile. I didn’t fight against the feeling, but I longed to find my stability at the beginning of the class and wait for the dancers in a warm and safe space. In the end, it didn’t take much: when the third well-known, familiar dancer arrived, my sense of security arrived with him.

They are like those where we can be ourselves

even when feeling vulnerable, angry, stable, fragile, whatever, those where even a look can be a safe harbor.

Thanks to all the dancers with whom we could move, breathe, and draw together yesterday.



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