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After last night’s sweat, I was again full of life and spaciousness: I can be so much more in the dance than in my life!

And sometimes even while dancing, the little girl who learned not to bother others, to stay small, to be inconspicuous speaks to me: that’s when I wonder if I’m not too much.

Too much for others. For the space. Too loud. Too intense.

Fortunately, the space is expansive and everything fits.

The intensity, the gentleness, the doubt.

I can be a snarling lion cub and a floating jellyfish, a gentle breeze and an overwhelming hurricane, I can be a baby, I can be a warrior and I can be a woman – without any additional roles. I can close in and open up, approach and move away, attract and repel, play and be serious, hide and show up. And I can meet other people in a thousand ways.


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