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"objects are happy in my heart"

In Black Friday fever, it’s especially good to remember that

a gift can also be precious because it has a story and a life.

Also, if I receive something given from the heart even if it wasn’t bought specifically for me, it does not take away from the value of the object but often adds to it.

because I like the way they connect places and people through time and space, often without us knowing about it… I had a busy week, I didn’t manage to think about what to bring to the fire altar yesterday – I just picked up a few things from my fire shelf at home: stones that my children and I painted years ago on a holiday, the tree branch that a very dear friend of mine brought me from Greece, silks from the beginning of my children’s preschool years. It was heartwarming to think of those places and people whose energy appeared in the space for me – this also fueled the warmth of the fire inside me. Then, at the end of the dance, I received a scarf from someone as a gift, which she also received from someone as a gift. It’s nice to feel that this scarf already has a story – I like gifts like this that go on when they have finished their time at someone.


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