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“I wouldn't mind if Sadness visited me once in a while. Let's say once a month. Or rather every semester. It could sit on the couch. I would even make the room cozy and dark for it. I would huddle up. And my heart would ache, ache.”


(Lázár Ervin: The rectangular round forest)

To expand enough so that it has space inside me. Easily, generously, like these expanding hearts on paper, the joint creation of last night’s dancers.

Because together we can hold more.

Together we can move more.

Together we can release more.

Together we can.

Well, sometimes it aches. It comes to me more often than every semester – it’s here also in these days. I know that it will leave, but while it’s here, dancing usually helps me to make room for it, to treat it well and put it in a comfortable armchair.


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