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To the simplicity of being who I am; to the trust to leave the safety of the edge of the room in exchange for a different kind of safety – one that allows me to play, to show more of my many shades.

And to deeply listen to others. To those who were physically there in the space, and to those who were there in me – appearing in the dance from my imagination or my memories.

And the room transformed into one single breathing, moving being, in which everything fitted, and simply being there was healing in itself. Because it was an exit from our lives lived in small bubbles and a dissolution in the common space created by dance.

Yesterday during the dance, I observed how paying deep attention to myself created the feeling that I was at home not only in myself but also in the world. The luxury of immersing myself in the way my shoulder blade approached and moved away from my ribcage, my spine, and my shoulders somehow suddenly led me to the simplicity and trust of connecting with others.

In community. In a common sky.

Where we can dream together.


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